Custom Decks & Patios

A 4-Ever Water-Tite custom designed deck or patio will ensure you get the most use out of your backyard by providing you with a comfortable space for lounging or entertaining. You can even have a space for your grill or hot tub built right into the deck or patio!

Natural Wood or Composite Decking

4-Ever Water-Tite Deck & Patio Design

We provide a wide variety of deck and patio styles to choose from. Whether you are looking for contemporary, classic, or rustic, we can provide you with the design and functionality you desire. And, to make your deck or patio stand out from the others, you can choose from several attractive finishes.

Our decks and patios are specially designed according to your specifications. Your new deck or patio will complement your house and your yard. We work hard to ensure your new space will serve your needs, blend into your desired environment, and enhance your yard’s landscaping and aesthetic appeal.

Pavers & Concrete

Do you need a new walkway or driveway? Our concrete contractors can easily handle any paved project. 4-Ever Water-Tite offer pavers and concrete services for sidewalks, slabs for sheds, patios, driveways, porches, and much more. We will complete your paver or concrete project efficiently and professionally, while giving you the custom design that reflects your personal style and creativity.

4-Ever Water-Tite New Pavers Sidewalk
4-Ever Water-Tite New Two Car Driveway

We offer a wide variety of both natural and composite materials to utilize in your paved project. Borders, unique shapes, exposed aggregate…we can turn your vision into a reality. Our years of experience will allow us to help you take your vision and transform it into a reality that beautifies your outdoor space.